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Christian Business Network Marketplace (CBNM) Presentation from eZ-Xpo – the World’s All-in-1 Virtual Event with Marketing Automation

The key objectives of the Christian Business Network Marketplace (CBNM) is to help everyone to fulfill his/her God’s given talents through our connected, collaborative community for entrepreneurs, mentors/advisors, and investors to connect and collaborate in a live, on-demand virtual environment in every city, every state, and every country.

The Christian Business Network Marketplace (CBNM) Ecosystem will include the following game-changing features and virtual trade shows:

Virtual Startup Expo –

Global entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors can connect, collaborate, and promote each other’s services or offerings live and on-demand in a virtual lobby. The entrepreneur can upload their virtual pitch deck to their virtual booth for review. Investors can easily and quickly search for their perfect “next Google” based on predefined investment criteria


Virtual Creative Financing Expo –

Entrepreneurs can explore different creative financing models (i.e., crowd funding, EB5, SBA loans, debt financing, angel funds, venture capital) with experts and advisors in different disciplines.

Virtual Genius Expo –

Every child can nurture and unleash his/her creativity in a virtual booth. Most importantly, the Genius Expo will offer every child to get excited about building new cool things.

Headhunting Hiring

Virtual Job Expo –

Participants will be able to showcase their latest and greatest accomplishments in an easy to use virtual booth. This will also enable entrepreneurial employers to showcase exciting new job opportunities and provide a one-stop place for screening, interviewing, selection and on-boarding.

Virtual Learning Marketplace –

Enriching every member with a wealth of professional online and online learning repository. The Virtual Learning Marketplace focuses on entrepreneurial topics such as digital marketing, cloud computing, legal and business expertise – particularly around international trading. Experts can also easily and quickly launch their own online course (via eLearningZoom).

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