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According to the latest 2016 Silicon Valley Bank’s seventh annual Startup Outlook report, most startups and small businesses face tremendous challenges in the talent acquisition area. 95% of startups feel challenging to find people with the right skills to grow.

How can startup or small business find the best talent without paying high recruiting costs?

A Virtual Job Fair Network is the most cost-effective solution to the current high talent acquisition costs. Employers can find the best talent pool with the minimum costs. At the same time, employers can monetize by selling sponsorship booths.


Virtual Job Fair Network

Countless job fairs each year have thousands of applicants interacting with hiring companies, career advisors, scheduling follow-up interviews, taking home company’s collateral, and sharing countless versions of resumes throughout the event. For many employers adding through the mass of applicants is a time consuming and costly endeavor, usually resulting in a limited number of quality prospective employees. Developed in conjunction with eZ-Xpo All-in-1 Virtual Collaborative Network, JobExpo365 – Virtual Job Fair is a cost-effective reaching your target audiences, anytime, and anywhere. eZ-Xpo employs its expertise in combining technology with sales and marketing enablement to produce programs with measurable results for wider exposure to your business customers and Internet savvy job seekers.

Virtual Job Fair allows you to:

• Prescreen candidates at the registration stage
• Create candidate’s virtual booth to increase exposure
• Upload resume for 1-click resume submit
• Report the tracking of applicants and traffic by activity reports
• Participate in live interview which allows recruiters and applicants can talk and schedule follow up activities

Headhunting Hiring

Key Benefits for All

For the Organizer
• Lower costs – no complex logistics are involved, making execution easier.
• Better and more qualified candidates.
• Opportunity to sell sponsorships and monetize the investment.
• Sell added value by offering clients participation in both physical and online job fairs.

For the Job Seeker
• No need to travel and reducing costs associated with attending.
• Showcase latest accomplishments and projects in a virtual booth.
• Fast, convenient access to employers’ contact information and profile.
• Allows for anonymity for candidates for any reason ( e.g. currently employed).
• Targeted pool of quality companies to review and apply to.
• Attendance is easy and convenient from any PC with access to the Internet.

For the Employer
• Targeted pool of top quality job seekers.
• Fast, convenient electronic access to resumes.
• Cost effective.
• No travel and complex logistics with show sites.

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